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     by HR Proactive Inc.

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    Whether the issue is a harassment complaint, a threat of violence or another workplace dispute, prompt, fair and thorough harassment in the workplace investigations are essential to your ability to make sound employment decisions and minimize legal risks.

    This website will provide you with practil guidance and access to experienced investigators that n help you deal with harassment at work and conduct effective workplace investigations.

    Problems and complaints over human rights, discrimination and harassment in the workplace n arise in organizations despite the employer's best efforts to prevent them. If you are the person given the responsibility of conducting the harassment investigation and responding in a timely fashion, the task n be a daunting one. An organization's legal, financial and corporate reputation n be at stake, not to mention the livelihoods and reers of individual employees affected by these often-unresolved issues. Human Rights law requires employers to maintain a working environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. Employers n be legally liable for any discriminatory and harassing actions of its managers, supervisors and workers, as well as for failing to deal with harassing behaviour directed at their employees from customers, contractors, suppliers and the public.

    Harassment at work and other human rights matters are highly sensitive and emotional ones to deal with. Investigating such situations requires the use of sound investigative techniques and procedures. Unresolved or poorly handled, human rights issues n be costly, time-consuming and n affect productivity and employee morale, and have serious legal ramifitions for an organization.

    HR Proactive would like to provide useful information and tools for managers, human resources personnel and others in your organization who conduct workplace harassment investigations, to provide them the opportunity to become more confident and knowledgeable in their role as investigators. To learn more about evidentiary matters, legal standards and burden of proof, develop solid investigative techniques, tips and procedures, and become more aware of such factors and considerations as credibility, confidentiality and privacy throughout the investigative process, download our PDF file.

    Ultimately the goal of any internal workplace harassment investigation is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to support the allegation or harassment complaint being made, that is, to determine if the se has "merit." Even more important, however, a sound and thorough investigation n allow an organization to move forward with certainty to take the appropriate action to correct the problem (if necessary), n minimize liability (if any), and n assist in identifying and implementing any proactive steps or measures to prevent a reoccurrence.

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